Metrocard Special- Goodburger

Good Burger is best known as a 1997 comedy staring the duo of Kenan and Kel.  The film grew out of a recurring sketch on Nickelodeon’s hit show All That.  The critically acclaimed smash hit is one of the premier burger themed films of all time, standing in a class with Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?

Goodburger is also the name of a small chain of fast food restaurants with five locations scattered throughout Manhattan.  I had a job interview across the street from City Hall and after doing my best to woo my potential employer, I decided to check out the Goodburger at Maiden Lane on the corner of Pearl Street.

When I walked in I thought the place looked pretty cool.  There were four flat screen TVs showing 24 hour news networks and last night’s Rangers game.  Lots of Wall Street types had popped in for a quick lunch.  The prices weren’t cheap.  My burger, fries and drink combo cost over $11 after taxes.  The menu was fairly impressive, with a nice selection of toppings and non-beef alternatives.  I ordered a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo and ketchup.

Edible disappointment

When they called my number, I was immediately disappointed by the size of my burger and the fries.  The bun looked cheap, the patty was small and the fries were that thin, crispy fast food style that I don’t like.  I didn’t want to judge a book by it’s cover so I dove in.  I ordered my burger cooked  medium, and unlike many fast food places they didn’t  over cook it.  It had a taste that was a cross between Burger King and those cheap frozen burgers you get at the supermarket for BBQ’s.  The fries were just as disappointing.  Heavy on the grease and salt, low on potato and taste.

Awful value and mediocre food.  Not a good combination.  Yet another burger chain that fails to live up to the standard set by 5 Guys.  At least the movie didn’t suck.


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Mullane’s Bar and Grill

Box and I loved 67 Burger so much we had to head back to Fort Greene to try to replicate the experience.  Based on the recommendation of someone with intimate knowledge of the Fort Greene burger scene, be decided to head back to the corner of Lafayette and South Elliot Place to check out Mullane’s.  The Rangers were kicking off their Western road trip in Phoenix on Saturday night.  I told Box to meet me at Mullane’s at 8, and figured we’d enjoy some awesome burgers and catch some of the game.

As many of you know, the G train wasn’t running this weekend.  This meant a half hour walk to Fort Greene in the freezing cold.  When I arrived, Box was at the bar, drinking a Bud Light, surrounded by TVs showing the Knicks, Rangers and college basketball games.  There were tables with stools in the bar area, and a proper dining area in the back.  The interior was nice, but not too pretentious.

Elliotts Burger

Mullane’s has a nice choice of specialty burgers, which can be seen here. I went with the BAM burger, an 8oz. beef patty topped with American cheese, bacon and mushrooms.  Box had Elliotts burger, a more adventurous selection with crispy onions, horseradish sauce and cheddar cheese.  I like my burgers juicy and ordered mine medium.  Box likes his a little more well done.

BAM Burger

I was a little more enthusiastic about my burger than Box was.  When our meals arrived, he seemed to be having second thoughts about the horseradish sauce.  I was particularly pleased with how my burger was cooked.  The interior was red and juicy, just how I like it.  Box complained that his could have been left to cook for a little longer.  The fries were nice and thick.  They could have been a little saltier, but that’s an easy problem to fix.  The bacon on my burger was nice and crispy (unlike 5 Napkin) and they weren’t shy about putting a lot on.

The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re fair.  If you’re with a crowd of people, and for some reason they all don’t want burgers, this might be a good spot for you.  It’s probably a good location for a casual date as well.  If you’re gonna be watching a game and drinking, you might run up a bit of a tab (unless you go for the $6 beer + shot comb0).  They also have slider specials during Monday Night Football, something I’ll have to check out next season.

With another winner in Mullane’s, Fort Greene is making a case to be known as Brooklyn’s premier neighborhood for burger lovers.

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Here at Burgers of Brooklyn we like to honor those who make important contributions to the culture of our city and our community.  While the hamburger is the very best our society has to offer, karaoke comes a close second.

My ideal day usually begins when I wake up at noon to find a fresh everything bagel with a schmear of cream cheese.  I’ll spend a few hours watching lots of sports and trying to piece together exactly what happened the previous evening.  At around 7 I’ll grab a burger with some friends.  Afterward we’ll start pregaming, probably with some jager shots.

We then head to a karaoke bar.  There is no better way to express yourself than to pour massive amounts of alcohol down your throat, get up in front of a bunch of strangers and sing pop songs. After the DJ shuts down for the night, if we have a few hours to spare we’ll try and find someplace with house music so we can get our fist pump on.

I have had the distinct privilege of twice appearing on New York’s premier karaoke podcast, The Phil N da Box Karaoke show.  Box and Phil are two of the nation’s leading karaoke artists.  They don’t do crappy performances of Don’t Stop Believing like your average meathead trying to impress his ditzy girlfriend.  If you don’t believe me, check out their latest podcast for yourself.

I do my best to  contribute to the madness by singing Phantom Planet’s “California,” Was (Not Was)’s “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur,Nickelback’s “This Is How You Remind Me” and “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys. A full song list can be found here.

If you love burgers, you’ll love karaoke and if you love karaoke you’ll love The Phil N da Box Karaoke Show.

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The Brooklyn Taco Experiment

This Sunday, The Bell House will be hosting a culinary contest for the ages.  The Brooklyn Taco Experiment is the latest in a series of competitions from Theo Peck and Nick Suarez, the masterminds of the sold out Brooklyn Beer and Brooklyn Cheese Experiments.  DJ Kilahertz will be spinning tunes for the audience (Unfortunately DJ Pauly D and DJ Tanner were not available).

Festivities will kick off at 1 and will conclude with a free party in the front lounge.  Stop by and check it out.  Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the doors.

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We’re up on Facebook

This thing is blowing up REAL big.  Bigger than a large order of fries at 5 Guys.  We’re now on Facebook.  PETA are shaking in their fake leather boots.

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This Blog Is Giving Aid and Comfort to Terrorists

That’s what the good folks at PETA would have you believe.  Ghulam Rasool Khan, a prisoner in an Indian jail with links to al-Qaeda, has reportedly refused vegetarian meals and and demanded daily servings of chicken and mutton.  The posting, authored by Logan Scherer, claims that this is another example of a link between violence against animals and violence against humans.  The following is taken straight from Scherer’s posting:

“Behold: a visit from Captain Obvious. As if the world needed another example of the proven link between violence against animals and violence against humans, Ghulam Rasool Khan–a suspected al-Qaida member jailed in India–refuses to eat the vegetarian food served to him, instead demanding “two kg of mutton and one kg of chicken daily.”

Clueless star Alicia Silverstone endorses PETA's clueless rhetoric

PETA’s blog contains further postings linking violence against animals to violence against humans.

I want to be clear.  We at Burgers of Brooklyn are 110% against terrorism.  We also think torturing animals is sick.  However, PETA takes this to the extreme, by suggesting that meat eaters are terrorists and sociopaths.  The logic used by Scherer is suspect and it’s conclusions are offensive to myself and the loyal readers of this blog.  Our community will not stand for the usage of this divisive rhetoric for purely political reasons.  I am calling on PETA and Logan Scherer to offer a written apology.

Hat tip to my good friend Kevin Raymond for bringing this story to my attention.

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Ultimate Burgers and Dogs

Most of the burger joints I check out are based on referrals (or as Ludacris would say Word of Mouf).    Yesterday was an exception.  To prepare for a long night of heavy drinking I took an afternoon nap.  When I woke up, I was hungry.  With no dinner plans and nothing to eat I felt lost, confused and hopeless.  That’s when my Dad pulled out a menu that had been jammed under the door earlier in the day.  In the campaign world, we call that a lit drop.  I looked it over and decided it was worth a shot.  We trekked over to Ultimate Burgers and Dogs on Degraw Street, just off of Clinton.

The location is pretty close to where Schnack used to be on Union Street.  Walking over there anticipating a burger got me all nostalgic.  Once we arrived, we commented on the similar ambiance to Schnack.  It’s a small place with a few tables on one side with a counter with stools on the other.  I had a couple of Boyland Cream Sodas.  I ordered a Swiss cheese  burger and topped it with deli mustard, mayo, ketchup, “ultimate sauce,” lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and pickles.  My Dad had the rueben.  While not a hamburger, the reuben is awesome in it’s own right.   The menu, with a full selection of sauces and toppings can be found here.

The Swiss Cheese Burger from Ultimate Burgers and Dogs

All Ultimate Burgers and sandwiches come with potato chips.  You can upgrade to tater tots for an extra buck.  French fries are not an option.  Now I like tater tots as much as the next guy, but they’re a sad substitute for a proper french fry.  The burger was stacked with toppings.  The grilled onions were superior.  The beef patty itself was thin and cooked to a medium temperature.  It could have been packing a little more juice.

The prices are affordable and pretty similar to 5 Guys.  Being that Ultimate also doesn’t serve beer (it’s BYOB) and doesn’t have a TV for watching sports, the comparison seems natural.  The lack of fries hurt it’s cause and the beef patty doesn’t live up to the standard set by 5 Guys.  If you’re in Carroll Gardens and looking for a cheap, quick burger give Ultimate a shot.  The grilled onions alone are worth the trip.  You can follow Ultimate Burgers and Dogs on Twitter where they promise to tweet specials.

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